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the POSH Guide is a site devoted to bringing you a comprehensive and easy to use guide to the best of Southeast Asia. The site features articles of useful information and suggestions about what to see as well as links to other web sites that we've found can be the most useful for visitors to Asia. The POSH Guide is designed to complement our other guides to Southeast Asia.

The POSH Guide's author is Michael Holland, who has lived and worked in Thailand for since 1992. You can keep updated on his travels through his Chieng Fa Travel Journal.


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We're also available for new press assignments to write original articles for your own site or publication. Invitations may be sent to the author.


Unless noted otherwise, all photographs are copyright by Michael Holland and may not be re-used in any form without the express written permission of the owner. As with the text content, photos may be purchased for non-exclusive re-publication, independently of the content. Inquiries may be sent to the author.

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