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Getting to Hua Hin

The challenge of getting to Hua Hin is one of the reasons it is not as developed as many of Thailand's other beach resorts. Many would say that's a good thing. To get to Hua Hin on your own, you have the following options:

State Railway
The train is the "classic" way to get to Hua Hin. The train station, with its delicately designed royal waiting room, is just a short walk from the center of town. The journey takes about four hours.
Private Car Transfer
The drive to Hua Hin from Bangkok takes about two hours. You can engage any one of several limousine services to take you there, and bring you back. You may also wish to check with your hotel. Some of the big hotels, especially those with branches in Bangkok, operate their own transfer services. However, check their pricing for this service, as some hotels have been known to charge ridiculous sums for transfers.


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