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What to See & Do Around Krabi

Krabi is mainly a sun, sand and sea destination. A lot of what there is to see has to to with the place itself, where many sheer cliffs like the coastline, and huge rock pinnacles jut out of the ocean far into Phang Nga Bay. If you're staying on the mainland of Krabi, you'll almost certainly want to take a boat trip out into the bay to visit some of the islands. There are speedboat trips out to Phi Phi, but really, there's no need to go that far. There are many beautiful, small, and sometimes deserted islands much closer to shore.

Emerald Pond
The Emerald Pond, one of the inland sights of Krabi Province

There are some quite interesting things to see inland as well. Perched atop a 1,000 foot-high rock outcrop not far from the airport is the Tiger Cave Temple external link, one of the area's most significant temples. Futher afield are a pair of liquid attractions that are relatively close to each other. The Hot Waterfall external link is where hot springs form a small creek, that tumbles down an embankment into a stream. The minerals dissolved in the water have, over the years, formed several pools within the cascade, which provide a lovely place for a soak. Likewise, at the Emerald Pond external link the runoff from several hot springs has formed a large pool that's big enough for a good swim.

You can book day trips to any of these sights on-line before you go, or you will find many more operators that can provide private tours when you get there.


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