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Getting Around Samui

Samui is one of the most expensive places to get around in Thailand. The cheapest form of public transport on the island is the songthaew, a small pick-up truck with benches for passengers along either side of the covered truck bed. Fares are a flat THB 50. Destinations for any given songthaew will be displayed on the front or sides of the truck. The basic routes are Nathon - Chaweng - Lamai - Nathon and Nathon - Big Buddha - Chaweng - Nathon. Tell the driver where you're going before you get on to be sure he's going there. They don't always follow the same route.

There are a good number of air-conditioned taxis which can be easy to find in Chaweng and Lamai, but slightly more rare elsewhere. Although they display "Taxi Meter" signs on their roof, fares are actually fixed depending on pick-up and drop-off points, and start at THB 200 (