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Re-Launching the POSH Guide

September 15, 2020

Anarchist jurisdiction
Finding the good things in life, from my current base in Portland, Oregon.

Welcome to the all new incarnation of the POSH Guide. There's not just a new look, but some new tech that will allow me to integrate more features into the site.

Being the contrarian that I am, it makes perfect sense that I chose the time of a pandemic when I'm also stuck at home due to unprecedented wildfires to finish up the rebuild and re-launch of this travel oriented web site. Reviewing all the photos from 20 years of exploring Southeast Asia has certainly driven home how much I miss the ability to travel. But I hope it provides inspiration to you for future travel ideas once we all can.

The plan for this new incarnation of the POSH Guide is to not only leverage my thousands of pages of destination research, but to expand into new areas beyond Southeast Asia. For now, at least, this news/blog portion of the site will provide some inspiration for places to explore once you can again, as well as reviewing some products that I've found the most useful over the years.

Upcoming news feed posts will include some various “top five” lists for Southeast Asia destinations, as well as some picks on travel gear to get you going, which will hopefully be soon now.