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Quick Facts for Kuala Lumpur

Merdeka Square
The ultra-modern Petronas towers in the center of Kuala Lumpur

This page provides a short run-down of information you'll want to know to plan your trip to Kuala Lumpur. For more details, the links will take you to my complete Kuala Lumpur travel guide at Asia for Visitors.

When to go

There isn't a particular time of year that is better than any other. In terms of weather , the months from June to August are the driest, but since it's near the equator, afternoon thunderstorms are very likely on any given day. One time of year to avoid is the annual Formula One race, which is usually in early April. Hotel rooms, and consequently rates, are at a premium at this time.


The currency of Malaysia is the Ringgit. There are currently Ringgit to the US Dollar. There are exchanges everywhere as well as ATMs, which is where you'll generally get the best rates.

Getting There

The simplest way to get to Kuala Lumpur is by air, with international connections from most of the major cities of the world. The city's modern new airport is 75 kilometers from the city, but there's a quick and comfortable express train that will get you into town in about 20 minutes. I much prefer it over a taxi.

How Long to Stay

You can see most of the sights of the city in two full days, so a three-night stay is probably the minimum. If you stay longer, you could consider day trips to places further afield, such as Melaka .

Where to Stay

There are a large number of very nice hotels in Kuala Lumpur. See my list of suggestions to get you started.

Getting Around

The one big drawback to Kuala Lumpur is that things are rather spread out. Taxis are cheap and plentiful, although sometimes it takes a bit of negotiation to get them to take you where you want to go and use the meter. Most, but not all, tourist attractions are close to one of the many trains (and monorail) that cross the city. Note that most of the lines don't have consolidated ticket, so some trips may involve buying a ticket to one destination, where you'll have to buy another ticket for another train to your final stop.

What to See

See our introduction page for a list of ideas to get you started. Along with the sightseeing, be sure to leave some time for shopping . On the whole, I tend to think the shopping in KL is a bit better (and cheaper) than its more famous neighbor Singapore.