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Getting to Bangkok

Most foreign visitors to Bangkok arrive by plane. Bangkok's new Suvarnabhumi International Airport (airport code: BKK) is the main gateway for visitors entering Thailand. Bangkok is a major hub and is serviced by all major international carriers, as well as many regional airlines.

Regional Airlines

If coming to Bangkok from elsewhere in the region, then you may be better off using one of the regional carriers listed below.

Bangkok Airways
Thailand's second carrier is almost solely responsible for developing special destinations such as Samui and Sukhothai. Their now extensive network covers several countries and many of the major world heritage destinations of Southeast Asia. They have some limited e-ticket capability.
Malaysia Air System
The national carrier flies internationally between Kuala Lumpur and major cities around the world. MAS is also the largest domestic air carrier in Malaysia.
Singapore Airlines
Singpore's flag carrier is one of the region's most highly regarded airlines.
Thai Airways
The national flag carrier of Thailand flies to almost all major tourist destinations. Their web site allows you to view schedules and seat availability. You can now even book and pay online for paperless travel.

Airport Transfers

Suvarnabhumi International Airport is located some distance from the center of town. The best way to get into town is by taxi. The cheapest option is public metered taxi. There's a counter just outside the airport terminal to request a taxi. You pay a surcharge on the metered amount when taking a taxi from the airport. The Airports Authority also runs its own taxi service, operated from its own counter just outside customs. The Airport taxis have a fixed rate depending on what part of town you're going to. It's generally about double what you would pay a regular metered taxi. There's also a limousine service.

Under no circumstances should you accept a ride from any touts or "unofficial" taxi services. Real taxis have a red and white TAXI-METER sign on the roof. All Airport Taxis are white with green plates. Many people have been robbed by seemingly friendly people offering them a ride to "a good cheap hotel they know."